Death Spectre and Questing Knight

25 06 2016

SDE Death Spectre (Miniboss) and Questing Knight (Hero)

I liked the original color scheme so I kept it. I tried to make the death spectre glow green using the airbrush. I’m not sure how successful it was. Please add comments if you have suggestions on how to improve it.

Death SpectreQuesting KnightIMG_20160603_173905174IMG_20160603_173935811IMG_20160603_173950749


American Werewolf

25 06 2016

Super Dungeon Explore Von Wilder

Von Wilder Card.jpg

The card art has the character look purple, but I wanted my figure to look more natural, so I chose gray and skin tones.

I had a fun time experimenting with the airbrush and trying to make the skin tones look more real.

What I did was start with a very red base coat. The next layer was more red-brown color. The final layers were the flesh tones. I think that the red simulates the blood vessels beneath the skin. Otherwise your skin tones look too ashen with grey/white/ or black primer.

Final picture needs a topcoat of matte finish.

Snow for Days…

18 02 2015

I apologize for not having any posts lately! I can only say that I have been very busy with work these last few months. But as some of us who live in the northeastern part of North America, it has been literally snowing for days. This has meant that I have had a lot more time stranded at home with nothing to do. Here is a little bit of what I’ve been working on lately.

As you can see lots of SDE. Better pictures to follow!

2015-02-15 10.37.18

A friend asked me to repaint some of the cars that came with his Formula D board game. The game itself is pretty fun. It has a lot more strategy than I first thought. However, the cars are horribly painted.

2015-01-19 15.18.57

Can you recognize the Ferrari and Red Bull formula 1 cars?