Death Spectre and Questing Knight

25 06 2016

SDE Death Spectre (Miniboss) and Questing Knight (Hero)

I liked the original color scheme so I kept it. I tried to make the death spectre glow green using the airbrush. I’m not sure how successful it was. Please add comments if you have suggestions on how to improve it.

Death SpectreQuesting KnightIMG_20160603_173905174IMG_20160603_173935811IMG_20160603_173950749


American Werewolf

25 06 2016

Super Dungeon Explore Von Wilder

Von Wilder Card.jpg

The card art has the character look purple, but I wanted my figure to look more natural, so I chose gray and skin tones.

I had a fun time experimenting with the airbrush and trying to make the skin tones look more real.

What I did was start with a very red base coat. The next layer was more red-brown color. The final layers were the flesh tones. I think that the red simulates the blood vessels beneath the skin. Otherwise your skin tones look too ashen with grey/white/ or black primer.

Final picture needs a topcoat of matte finish.

SDE Pets

15 05 2016

Very simple but great sculpts. So cute.



The Blog Awakens

30 04 2016

Hi everyone,

It’s been a busy year for me. Last summer I got married and I’ve had less time for side projects. I have continued to paint however I haven’t got around to posting.

X-wing miniatures are known for their models that come out of the box very detailed and well painted. This christmas they released new miniatures for star wars: the force awakens. The starter set comes with a Poe Dameron pilot card, but not his custom x-wing. My friend had a birthday recently and he’s got practically every x-wing mini out there so I thought I’d give him one he didn’t have.

I tried to paint it as close to the movie as possible. There aren’t that many pictures of it, but there are a lot of toys/ model kits. However I’m not sure if those are accurate. Below is the Revel box art.


Before and after gallery

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I thought it would be fun to put this thing back in the box. Especially because there’s no production model sold. I tried to fool my friend, but I think he immediately knew I painted it.IMG_20160421_194536554.jpg


Christmas at last!

23 10 2014

My Arena Rex mini’s finally came in the mail today! It made my day because I’ve been waiting for them for over a year. I backed the kickstarter and it was supposed to ship some time near christmas 2013…

Santa finally showed his beard!!!!!!

2014-10-23 17.56.512014-10-23 17.40.12

Snazzy rule book

2014-10-23 17.45.01

I’m impressed with the detail and the sculpts. The production is decent. there is some minor flashing. my main problem is with the injection molded spears, which are super warped. I’m thinking that I’d probably replace them with metal rods.

2014-10-23 17.45.29
 2014-10-23 17.44.47

All of the sculpts are awesome, especially the ones by MIKH. I really love all the details. I bought these purely for the sculpts, but the game is pretty fun to play too.

2014-10-23 17.42.132014-10-23 17.41.03

I bought the extra dice add-on. Any nerd will tell you that dice are awesome! DICE DICE DICE!!!!!!
2014-10-23 18.10.36

I couldn’t find anything to put my dice in except for this pink sephora bag… =P

SDE Full Party!

15 07 2014

Sorry for not posting anything these last few months. I have definitely been painting, but haven’t found time to blog. I finally finished all of the heroes from the base SDE set! I just finished the dwarf and paladin

pic1495826 pic1495831

2014-07-13 21.45.39

The whole team assembled! I think they look pretty good together as a team. Now to smash some kobolds! (photo taken with my friend’s traveling light box)


Some work in progress shots from the paladin. Again, I used all flat paints to do the “non-metalic metal”.

2014-05-26 21.37.53

2014-05-27 00.00.44

2014-05-27 00.00.36

I’ll admit the shield is a little choppy…

2014-05-28 16.03.59

probably 80% done

2014-07-05 09.21.34

Finals right to left: paladin, dwarf, and Captain R.

Captain R was really fun to paint as the sculpt is very flavorful. However the model is not perfect; there are some annoying mold lines/ mismatched mold lines along the hilt of the sword, but overall a good cast. One complaint I have is that the base on the captain is different from the starter set and unfortunately he comes glued to it… -_- The problem is that base on captain R has much less detail. There are fewer grooves and cracks that made the original bases look like a stone floor.

One huge positive, Captain R, a “dark hero”, is also a lot of fun to play. He acts as a mini-boss and his special ability allows him to attach equipment from the treasure and loot decks. Pretty sweet for a minion of the console!


Laser Beams and Outerspezz

22 02 2014

2014-02-22 00.12.47

This Gundam model took me 5+ years to finally get around to finishing. It took some motivation from my friends who recently have gotten crazy into gunpla. This is a 1/100 scale HG Nataku Endless Waltz version.


Gundams come on plastic sprues sometimes called “runners”. The plastic is a little brittle, so I don’t cut off too close the part because that sometimes tears off a chunk of the piece. It’s much better to leave a stub and then sand it down.



After cleaning the stubs and seam lines off of the pieces, the next step is to spray the pieces. I mask off the joints and poly caps so that the extra paint will not create future fit issues.


I use a Badger double action siphon feeding airbrush with a Iwata air compressor.  When spraying the pieces I use bbq skewers with alligator clips attached to the end (I bought mine at jo-ann fabric). I don’t have any place to spray indoors, so here you can see my garage. The only disadvantage is that I am a bit dependent on weather. I can’t spray when it’s raining or snowing, or too hot or cold, or humid…*sigh* New England weather can be fickle so good spray days are unpredictable. Sometimes it can be a few weeks before I’m able to spray again.

2014-01-15 14.32.16

It’s not necessary to use an airbrush. You can use a spray can, but an airbrush gives you greater control over the amount of paint you use and the flow rate. I use it to shade the pieces to give them a more realistic finish. I pre-shaded the pieces black and then sprayed color on them.

The last step that I did with this model was to do the panel lines with an oil wash. I use tamiya acrylics to spray, and future floor polish to seal it. Both are water based and will help oil paints flow into the seams and cracks. This helps give definition to the lines on the panels. You can see it here on the face and legs.

2014-01-28 21.40.36

The HG version of this model is pretty simple. While it does have some good detail, there are many places where there are very ugly seams. One is right in the middle of the shins of the leg. I used green stuff to fill the gap and sanded it until it was smooth. I then took a hobby knife and re-scored the panel lines again. I think it turned out well. You can barely tell that there was a gap there.

2014-02-22 10.11.16

Here’s the finished model below.

2014-02-22 00.14.21