Happy New Year

1 01 2013

Happy New Year everyone! As one of my resolutions I will be trying to post more often on this site.

For Christmas I got a copy of Super Dungeon Explore from my girlfriend.

Super Dungeon Explore Soda-Pop-Miniatures-Super-Dungeon-Explore-Back

It’s a board game with a lot of quality figures. I think of it as a self-contained version of D&D, but less rules and cuter figures.

It’s themed as a 8/ 16 bit console action-adventure RPG. 5 heroes are pitted against the game “console”. The console spawns and controls the monsters, and the “players” each have a character with different powers.

I played a practice run of the game with my brother. It is pretty fun. we played with empty bases because I didn’t put together the figures yet. I can’t wait to put together all of the figures, but there are some fit issues with the molding and there is a lot of flashing to clean off. And there are a lot of figures, so it may take me a while to finish painting them.