13 07 2012

I’ve been looking for a mini to serve as my character in D&D. After looking a while at REAPER mini’s I found this guy, Kjell Bloodbear. I like that he’s well proportioned, he doesn’t look like a cartoon character, and most important is his abs of steel (pewter). I like his fierce feral look, and I have a soft spot for barbarians. my first D2 character was a fluffy cuddly barbarian.


Before I start painting I try to get some inspiration first. I’m not that creative and I don’t have a very colorful imagination. I have a lot of artists that I aspire to be like. unfortunately none of them painted this particular model. However, I really liked what this guy did:


and whoever this guy is he’s pretty good:


One thing I wanted was to change the weapons on the model. Iunno, but the cleavers seem kinda small and wimpy. I want a friggin’ huge axe to smash things. However, the model doesn’t come with any extra parts, and the cleavers are molded on his hands. This is a problem. So I bought some weapons from reaper, who not so coincidentally sell weapon packs that are the correct scale for their models (not always the case tho). While Kjell is a barbarian with a steel (pewter) grip, very tiny knobby handles don’t adhere very well, even with super glue, to stumpy pewter hands. In other words, it’s pretty tough to get metal weapons to stay on metal models. (I wish I could weld) There’s not a lot of surface area for super glue to stick the things together and hands and weapons by nature happen to stick out of the model, so they’re more prone to bump things (especially true for gaming modeles).


The technique is called “pinning”: drill holes into both pieces and put a metal rod in. You need a couple of things; a drill called a pin vise, clippers and files, paper clips and super glue. I’ve found that paper clips on the small scale, a rod less than a cm, is very strong and does a good job of holding things together. Most of the work was taking off the cleavers because they were molded as part of the model. So it was joined in some places to his cloak. I had to do a lot of filing to make the cape smooth afterwards.


Ah ha, now then, much better!


Gallery Repost

2 07 2012

Pictures of my finished work. Enjoy!

Alastriel, 28mm mini from Reaper

Tau Commander in battlesuit, Gamesworkshop (converted)


Space Marine Terminator Chaplain, Gamesworkshop

DSC_0033    DSC_0037

Kroot Sniper (converted)

IMG_0070      IMG_0072