My Workbench

14 04 2012

Welcome to my dungeon! This is where I paint. It’s in the basement with no windows, and right next to the washing machine and drier. I share my workbench with the detergent.

This is my paint station. My most important piece of equipment is my lamp! in a dark basement being able to paint the details is first seeing the details! The next important is the brush. I generally use a 5/0 spotter brush, which isn’t that thin. I used to think that a thinner brush would be easier to paint smaller things with. However, it’s not about how thin, but how sharp! I have to say working with good paints is crucial as well. I typically use acrylic paints because they apply smooth and even and wash-up in water. I use a dry palette, which I use to hold paint poured from bottles and mix them. I’ve read online that a wet palette is much better. Just by putting a wet paper towel in the bottom you can prevent your paints from drying out prematurely. (one of my goals is to get used to a wet palette)

To give you guys scale on how I much I struggle with this, here is a preview of one of my recently finished mini’s next to a quater. These things are really tiny. The worst is painting the eyes!

Next time I hope post about some of the mini’s I’m doing!


First blog post!

13 04 2012

This is my first blog. Thanks to my lovely lady for helping me start it up!

I’m hoping to share with everyone my painting hobby. I spend so much time working on them in my cold dark basement that I might as well share my hard work.

Give me some time to gather material and figure out how blogging works. but I Hope you guys will enjoy my work.